crystal head john alexander edition vodka

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SIZE: 750mL
 REGION: Canada


VENDOR: Crystal Head

Crystal Head John Alexander Edition Vodka

crystal head john alexander edition vodka, hand-decorated, bottle from the John Alexander art line. John Alexander is the designer of the Crystal Head bottle and his work has been widely exhibited at institutions such as the Corcoran Art Gallery and the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, both in Washington, D.C. and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. On average, his work sells for $150,000 and is owned by many celebrities and musicians.

Crystal Head John Alexander Limited Edition

Known as a painter of environmentally aware landscapes and satirical figurative paintings, this evocative layout is derived from John Alexander’s expressive paintings. His paintings is well known on this tremendous artist collection bottle, housing our award-prevailing vodka.

More About Crystal H-j Vodka

For 3 years we had been running with a small artisanal workshop in Milan, Italy to create 25,000 stunning collectibles. Each bottle ornament is hand carried out and numbered emphasizing its scarcity. This bottle wrapped in John Alexander’s portray is each a stunning souvenir and a completely unique possibility to personal his art.

Spirirt Brand: Crystal Head Vodka

Country: Canada

Taste: Silky soft, slightly sweet, vanilla.

Volume(cl): 70

ABV(% vol): 40

Finish: Long lasting, creamy, sweet.

Vodka Style: Pure

Colour: crystal clear.

Featured Product Type: Limited Edition

Nose: neutral, cereal aromas, hints of citrus

Tasting Notes On Crystal Head John Alexander Edition Vodka


The success of Vodka Crystal Head is due to two factors. On one hand, former actor Dan Aykroyd’s vodka is pure treasure. On the other hand, the exquisitely crafted skull-shaped bottle by artist John Alexander is a must-have for your bar.


The Crystal Head Vodka John Alexander Artist line goes a step further with the bottle design. Of course you’ll find the famous skull there, this time disguised as John Alexander’s 1988 painting “Dancing on Water Lilies” which you can explore at the Dallas Museum of Art, USA.


Dan Aykroyd turned into born in Canada and honours his u . s . with Crystal head Vodka. However, according to engineers at Hewlett Packard, they do not show any tool marks, so it is not possible to determine exactly how they were actually made.

This vodka has received many awards and is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the best vodkas from Canada.


Due to the multiple filtration, but also the use of the best types of grain, this Crystal Head Vodka is characterized by an enchanting purity on the palate.


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