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Size: 750 ml


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 Firstly, the spitting Chiclets crew under the inspiration of  Ryan Whitney’s produce a unique and favorite drink know as  new Amsterdam  Pink Whitney vodka.This liquor  has taken over new Amsterdam vodka making it a  favorite drink. Also, this vodka got its name from the hockey legend Ryan Whitney who loved to enjoy pink lemonade during his teenage years. The Pink Whitney vodka is actually the latest pride of the  new Amsterdam as it is the first pink-colored vodka produced by the brand. 

 Secondly, this drink is distill five times then infuse with pink lemonade flavor for a smooth and refreshing drink. Aside from its color.

This drink is an exceptional blend with a pink lemonade flavor, which is an award winning new Amsterdam vodka. This liquor is a 30% ABV vodka. It is a combination of tart and sweet refreshing as a glass of lemonade.


Pink whitney tasting notes

This drink has a delicious aroma and flavors of  pink lemonade. The flavor builds to a lemon peel and yellow sour patch kids peak. it fades with tart  sugar  dipped whole  lemon flavor, and finishes candy sweet with lemon peel, and grain vodka taste. . The palate is smooth with a tangy citrus finis.

Review of this drink.

based on 24 votes, this drink is one the best new Amsterdam collection with a subtle taste. This liquor was rates 8.7/10 by 89% of customers. If you’re looking for a great drink for relaxation, I’ll recommend  Pink Whitney vodka.


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Lastly, most customers prefer this drink because the flavoring is pretty good.



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