Trump Vodka

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SIZE: 750mL
 REGION: Netherlands



Trump Vodka For Sale

Trump Vodka located a degree of popularity in Israel. Firstly, because of it’s well-known option for Passover for both secular and Orthodox Jews. President Barack Obama is a big admirer of the beer. During, his administration, the White Property has brewed it’s honey ale, using honey from hives above the grounds.


Trump Vodka 1L 40% vol. Originates in Netherlands by Wanders Distillers distillery, made with wheat and five distillations,  four of them activated Carbon. Lastly, Vodka made from food that contains starch and sugar like potatoes. corn, barley and rye.


Nose: It is produced a clearly wheat fragrance.

Taste: Transparently soft beginning with a long but soft finish.

Alcohol: Contains a volume 40%.

Country: Netherland.

Size: 1 Littre.

Category: Vodka.

Producer: A.H Wanders B.V.

Palate: Entry Displays Far Better Than Average Grain Focus And Viscosity.

Finish: It appears oily, creamy with a snack cracker-like look.

Color: Clean and Clear.



For the past years we have recorded lots of reviews both negative and positive. Firstly, people say it tastes like a mix, between expensive and cheap vodka. Others say it has a burn sensation but with a slight sweet taste towards the ending. Meanwhile, some say it’s quite expensive and the bottle looks big and not easy to transport. My personal colleague at work says it has a bad flavor and a sent of paint.


The Mixer

When the mixer is reason mild, just like here the random flavor of crystal Light-weight. The flavor overrides the mixer and makes a horrific cocktail. However, Trump’s strong balanced is manifested inside the cocktail.


To begin, it has a crystal clear overall look and an exceptional clarity. The bouquet gives tantalizing nuances of leather-based and jasmine.



TO conclude, I will like to say many people have a different view about the trump vodka. But, me as a consumer and seller i will say its a great and exciting liquor which everyone should try out. Recently the sale have rapidly increased as many people turn to fine more interest in it and are getting to know the true value. Lastly, most people speak ill about it because of the TRUMP name but i still believe it’s better with or without the name. Get other exciting products from our shop like Single Barrel Jack Daniels




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